Small scale Production 2016-18

Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig (SSKh) Cooperative and the Khovsgol Dairy Project (KDP) team have developed a business plan of a small-scale dairy production based on the summer activities 2016 experience.

Khatgal area/village, on the southern tip of lake Khovsgol, is experiencing an increased number of visiting tourists. The numbers have increased over just a few years from approximately 40.000 to over 100.000 yearly visitors. The numbers of tourist camps have increased accordantly. This has created a variety of challenges for the local community. Most important is the increased amount of garbage generated and tourist camps and visitors invading traditional pasture land.

While the local community is adapting to this new situation, they are also experiencing an increased demand on traditional Mongolian food and dairy products, as the majority of the visitors are Mongolian people.

Therefore Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig Cooperative and the Khovsgol Dairy Project team have decided on developing means to meet this new demand.

Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig Cooperative will from spring 2017:

  • Supply selected tourist camps with high quality milk and dairy products
  • Small shop with sale of traditional Mongolian dairy products
  • Offer dairy production and tastings shows as cultural events
  • Offer visits to cooperative members homes to witness dairy production


Khovsgol Dairy Project will support Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig Cooperative with help to rent a building in Khagtal to facilitate:

  • Office and meeting space
  • Small shop
  • Collection and cooling of milk and dairy products
  • Storage
  • Labelling and distribution
  • Dairy production events


Furthermore Khovsgol Dairy Project will support the purchase of:

  • High quality dairy equipment for commodity handling to Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig Cooperative members
  • Offer a hygiene and commodity handling course to the members of Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig Cooperative
  • Truck for collection and delivery of dairy products and transport of equipment and members to dairy events
  • Capacity building of Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig Cooperative, by offering training and workshops


The purpose of these activities is to capacity build Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig Cooperative to develop experience in running a successful and sustainable business and organisation.

Gain experience and knowledge on traditional Mongolian dairy production, in a small scale, to develop production methods and a product line for the future bigger scale Khovsgol Dairy Facility.

Build hygiene and commodity handling knowledge and awareness to increase higher quality products production and increase the health condition in the local community.

Create an immediate income possibility for members of Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig Cooperative.




We need help and support for this important community work.

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Small Scale production in progress

SSKh have received a curd drier donated by KDP. The funds was generated by kind donates from a crowd funding campaign.

The dried curd produced on the pictures are for the new year celebration called Tsagaan Sar (White moon) in Mongolian. The White Moon festival is celebrated on the first through third days of the first lunar month. Tsagaan Sar is one of the most important Mongolian holidays.

White Moon description from Wikipedia
In Mongolia around the New Year, families burn candles at the altar symbolizing Buddhist enlightenment. Also people greet each other with holiday-specific greetings such as Амар байна уу? (Amar baina uu?), meaning “Are you living peacefully?” Mongols also visit friends and family on this day and exchange gifts. A typical Mongol family will meet in the home dwelling of the eldest in the family.
Many people will be dressed in full garment of national Mongol costumes. When greeting their elders during the White Moon festival, Mongols perform the zolgokh greeting, grasping them by their elbows to show support for them. The eldest receives greetings from each member of the family. During the greeting ceremony, family members hold long, typically blue, silk cloths called a khadag. After the ceremony, the extended family eats sheep’s tail, mutton, rice with curds, dairy products, and buuz (Mongolian dumplings). It is also typical to drink airag (fermented mares milk) and exchange gifts. Dairy products plays a essential role in the White Moon celebrations as they are “White food” and considered sacred and pure.

Here the members of SSKh are producing a pyramid of traditional Aaruul (dried curd) erected in a special round shape symbolising Mount Sumeru or Shambhala realm


Aaruul formed by a hand carved wooden mould


The brand new curd dryer


Hand made wooden moulds
























KDP is working on a budget for the small scale production below is the budget as of 1st November 2016