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Dairy without Borders

The Danish NGO-organization “Dairy without Borders” focus on establishing and supporting minor local projects within the milk and dairy sector in selected developing countries.

Behind the initiative and establishment of Danish Dairy Technicians without Borders (DDTwB), founded in 2015, we find three Danish professional organizations; The Danish Dairy Managers Association, The Danish Dairy Technology Association and The Danish Society of Dairy Technology.

DwB focus areas

Dairy without Borders focus on the following main objectives:

• Establishing and supporting small local and economically viable projects by transferring skills, knowledge and/or training in the milk and dairy sector in selected developing third world countries.

• Creating economically and environmentally sustainable projects that can contribute to lift small local communities/villages to a higher level in terms of use, processing, storage and possible sales of their dairy products.

• Building organized cooperation’s in the selected areas around the projects for the locals’ long-term operation and knowledge sharing, for example, based on the cooperative spirit. Projects do not have any commercial character!

About the founders

Dairy without Borders, was founded by three organizations with a total of approx. 2.000 members, all highly educated and trained within in the dairy profession:

• The Danish Dairy Managers Association founded in 1887. In general, members of this association are educated as dairymen and dairy technologists from the Danish vocational Kold College and they typically work as technical management staff within the dairy industry, including both dairy companies and downstream industries.

• The Danish Dairy Technology Association established in 1932. In general, members of this association are MSc in Dairy Science and Technology graduates from the University of Copenhagen. Typically, the members holds positions as managers, line managers, project managers and researchers within the Danish and international dairy sectors and dairy research.

• The Danish Society of Dairy Technology founded in 1942. The society focus on promoting information and technical research in the dairy field and further to facilitate implementation of these results in order to benefit the Danish dairy industry and its connected productions. Several members of the above-mentioned associations are also active in The Danish Society of Dairy Technology.

More information?

If you want any further information, please contact Isabel Sande, Project coordinator, Dairy without Borders

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