Danish Architects without Borders

Billede til Engelsk beskrivelse3Is a humanitarian organization committed to providing decent housing and living conditions for all people.
The aim of our projects in developing countries is to provide the needy communities with the tools they require in order to achieve the best living solutions available while using their own local re- sources.

In order to secure political and financial support from companies and private contributors, we have launched information campaigns focusing on the living conditions of the impoverished people of the world.

We offer our help and advice to communities that would otherwise be without the experience and expertise of professional architects. We ensure that construction is developed in a fashion that is cost-effective and socially and environmentally sustainable.


Billede til Engelsk beskrivelseINTERNATIONAL NETWORK

Architects without Borders was founded in 2008 as a Danish branch of the worldwide organization ‘Architecture Sans Frontiers’. Being part of a global network with a set of common values is essential in our international and local projects.


The fundamental basis of Architects without Border’s work is to develop the relationship between people and their surroundings. We seek creative solutions to the problems that arise in developing communities, and we believe that decent living conditions are a universal human right.

We don’t see the obstacles that we encounter as problems but as motivating design challenges. Working in environments where financial, technological and social resources are both scarce and in demand is indeed a challenge and calls for creative solutions – and it is exactly in these situations Architects without Borders can make a difference.




Billede til Engelsk beskrivelse 2


These projects revolve around social and environmental issues and what we, as architects, can do to help. Through exhibitions and events in Denmark and abroad the goal is to communicate knowledge and create support and public debate.


Using architecture as a vehicle, we seek to create solutions for the world’s poor. We render counsel to communities that can- not afford architectural assistance, and furthermore we help the local institutions, organizations and municipal councils to make the most of the resources available to them. We work towards implementing long-term and sustainable solutions and firmly believe that public support is crucial not only for the conception of a project but also for its continued success and development


At the request of the United Nations and the Danish Red Cross, Architects without Borders created a disaster relief crew in 2009. The relief aid crew is equipped to immediately land in the eye of the storm and help when help is needed the most. In connection with the relief aid crew, we are working on strategies for the further development of relief aid architecture.


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