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Dairy Education

Khovsgol Dairy Project has sponsored the education of two young girls, Nyamdelger and Enkhtuya, from Khatgal soum/village as Dairy Technologists at MUST, Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Nyamdelger and Enkhtuya graduated on June 16th 2020 from MUST, Mongolian University of Science and Technology and received their diploma as dairy technicians after 4 years of hard work and studies.
All this was only possible through generous donations by Dairy without Borders / Mejerifolk uden Grænser, EcoLeap Foundation, Dansk Mongolsk Selskab, Kavlifondet and all the individual private donations.

The tuition fee was around 1.987.500 MNT and dormitory cost was 550.000 MNT per student per year. KDP also pay 100.000 MNT per month for the food and book expenses. The cost to educate Nyamdelger and Enkhtuya as Dairy Technicians was approx. 8.000.000 MNT per year. This was approx. 2.000 US$ per student.

The grand total of 4 years training was approx. 55.000.000 MNT/ or 22.500 US$/ or 151.000 DKK

Thank you to Danish Mongolian society for donating 20.000 DKK to the dairy education and to ecoLeap covering one of the girls entire education.

KDP has chosen to use resources to sponsor the education of dairy technicians from the local community, for the future Khovsgol dairy facility, for several reasons. KDP feasibility report from 2015 shows that there is few educated dairy technicians in Mongolia, and it could be difficult to attract qualified staff for the Khovsgol dairy facility, especially since initially the facility will only be in operation during the summer months. KDP estimates that dairy technicians from the Khatgal community will have greater incentive to return to their hometown after graduation, even if there may not be full employment from the start. KDP also believes that they will have a greater commitment to the dairy cooperative, as they will have participated in the project from the start and have family members in the cooperative. As members of the local community the dairy technicians will be able to better convey the modern dairy operation and development to the cooperative members, as well as being better placed to deal with conflict resolution between the dairy facility and milk suppliers.

There is more pictures and information under the introductions of Enkhtuya and Nyamdelger.

This is a small video introducing Enkhtuya

Enkhtuya Khukhhuu, started at MUST when she was 19 years old.

Background story

Parents have divorced 5 years ago; Enkhtuya lives with her mother and two younger siblings. Enkhtuya have a mentally ill brother, who lives with her father and had two other siblings that have passed away.

The family is a resident of Khatgal soum/village. Her mother is unemployed and works temporarily in summer season. They have no livestock as they had to eat their animals to survive.

The family receives 20$ a month as a children’s fee for Enkhtuya´s two smaller brothers and that is the only income in the family besides Enkhtuyas salary from the café.

Enkhtuya is a very good student with excellent grades. She won a gold medal in a physics competition in Mörön, the Khovsgol province capital.

She got a scholarship of 500.000 MNT from Khaan Bank for her achievements of being a excellent student.

This is a small video introducing Nyamdelger

Nyamdelger Buyanjargal started at MUST when she was 18 years old.

KDP is paying for her education as a Dairy Technologist at MUST, Mongolian University of Science and Technology. The education takes 4 years. We hope we will be able to invite Nyamdelger to Denmark to do additional Dairy courses in a Dairy school as she have expressed a deep wish to have the opportunity to go abroad to study.

Nyamdelger lives with her parents and 2 younger siblings. Parents are herders and unemployed. The mother is in disabled group. The father sometimes works as a horse trek guide during summers. The family has few numbers of livestock. The mother has joined SSKh (a cooperative of nomadic herders “Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig”) and is very active in the cooperative.

Here are some pictures from their life at the school

The girls are enjoying their new life at school and being very active.

Here Enkhtuya is preforming at School of Food Engineering 20th year anniversary, she is 2nd from left.


And here Nyamdelger also participating at School of Food Engineering 20th year anniversary. Nyamdelger was involved in a team of 12 members, who demonstrated cooking a traditional Mongolian soup. She took place in the quiz part and took the 3rd place.